Butter Royale Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Apple Arcade has just served up its own battle royale competitor and it’s one big food fight – literally. Butter Royale sees you and a bunch of other opponents duke it out in real time to see who can be the last person standing. It’s a pretty standard battle royale experience in that you run around collecting weapons, upgrades, and power-ups, and the map constantly shrinks as you play, forcing you to move.

While you may have a lot of experience with battle royale, Butter Royale is, ultimately, its own game, and we’ve played an absolute ton of it. We thought we’d put together a guide to help you master the experience, so read on below for our findings.

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Butter Royale Guide

How it Works

When you chip away the unique presentation, Butter Royale is a pretty standard example of the battle royale genre. You and up to 31 other players duke it out on a small map that continues to shrink, collecting items and power-ups, and trying to kill everyone before they can kill you. The last person standing gets all of the plaudits.

Where Butter Royale differs is in its isometric viewpoint, Brawl Stars-style controls, and it’s incredibly unique array of weapons. These include a hot dog-firing minigun, baguette rocket launcher, and ketchup assault rifle. Each weapon has its own pros and cons, and learning them is half of the battle.

To fire them, simply tap and hold on the right of the screen, and swipe your thumb around to aim. As long as your thumb is held down, you’ll automatically fire. You’ll also see the direction and spread of your current weapon. A thin white line means that it doesn’t have much spread, while a cone can spread and hit multiple opponents at once.

If you get hit, you can pick up health packs to get you back to full health, and you can collect armour to keep your health bar in tip-top shape. These are difficult to come by though, so you’ll probably want to spend time between battles scouring for them.

Much like in a typical battle royale, a delivery will drop on the map in regular intervals, and these contain some of the game’s most powerful items. It’s in your interest to go and collect these items, though bear in mind that other players will also seek them out. If you want them, prepare for a food fight.

Lastly, just like in a MOBA, you can hide in bushes, tents, and various other objects to get the jump on your opponents. It’s well worth doing this – particularly near a delivery or the edge of the butter zone, so you can attack unsuspecting victims.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get armour: Armour is your best friend in Butter Royale, and it’s in short supply. We’d recommend tracking down armour as your first order of business when you start a new game, as it will keep you alive in the fights ahead. Whenever it diminishes, track down more.
  • Always head for deliveries: Deliveries contain the most powerful items so we recommend going after them as often as you can. You’ll know they’re around if you spot a cardboard box-style image on your minimap. Simply follow it to get the delivery.
  • Hide in hot spots: You can hide in tall grass, tents, and various other objects, and we’d thoroughly recommend doing so. Ideally, do it in hot spots like near a delivery, powerful weapon, or the edge of the approaching butter so you can get the drop on unsuspecting victims.
  • Focus on getting the best weapons: Naturally, you’ll have a much better time bringing down opponents if you head for the best weapons. We’ve found they generally spawn in the same spot, too, so if you can learn the map you’ll be in for a better time. Quick hint: the hot dog minigun can be found in the middle of Pizza Park.
  • Don’t be afraid to run: If you’re low on health and armour, we thoroughly recommend running. Living to fight another day is far better than losing in Butter Royale, as you’ll miss out on vital rewards. Don’t be brave – be the last one standing.

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